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Car Rental Reservation in Tunisia

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We are offering, for the regions of Sousse (Monastir, Port El Kantaoui, Chott Meriam), Hammamet (Yasmine, Nabeul) and Tunis  in Tunisia, the reservation of rental cars.

Many tourists would like to rent a car in Tunisia. They would like make a contract in advance to their arrival and have their car already waiting at the airport, hotel or apartment. 

Rental cars that are offered by the travel agencies or by international rental companies are, compared with the local rental companies in Tunisia, usually a lot more expensive, sometimes 2-3 times more.
A feasable alternative is, therefore, the direct reservation of rental cars with local companies.

But, although some of these companies have websites, most of them still rely on the traditonal methods "telephone" and "street shop".

Of those, however, a tourist doesn't know the address, their rental conditions or the actual status of their cars - and he has, as well, no information or idea about their current reputation.
In addition, many of these companies have only a limited knowledge of languages beyond arabic or french, so they would miss out on all potential english (or german) speaking clients - and the potential clients on them.
And finally, not everyone wants to go through the "arabic" negotiation process, but rather have a clear, frank - and fair - price offer right away.

This is where we come in and can help, since we can
reserve a car for you with a local rental company.

We know the companies, their business practices and the state of their car park from regular personal visits and talks und choose only from the companies, with whom we would, for the time being, rent a car for ourselves.

The prices that we offer are representing the usual local prices without a "tourist bonus" and our service is free (we will get a small provision from the rental company, though).

Added Value: If, in a local company, nobody can speak english (or german), we will be glad to assist you by telephone when you pick up your car or sign the contract and we will, as well, be available if there is any need for mediation or information throughout the rental period.

NOTE: These services are  NOT  offered by or through TunisPro!
They are offered on the TunisPro website because we know the people behind these services for a long time and we know them to be reliable and qualified.
TunisPro is, in this regard, here just offering a platform where potential clients can find services that are specifically offered and designed for citizens of the  EU and North America.
If you experience, against all our expectations, any problems with these services, please let us know!

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