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Car Rental Reservation in Tunisia

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The rental prices*** are valid for April  2014 - March 2015:
During the high season months July-August and the fasting period Ramadan,
as well as during holidays in Tunisia, for example, Easter holiday, the prices will be up to 50-100% higher!

Car Class: Renault Clio Classic
-or- Volkswagen Polo 5 -or- Peugeot 206,
4 doors, Radio, A/C, manufactured 2011-2013
in TND*
in EUR* in UKP* in USD*
4-6 days, per day 70 ca. 35 ca. 28 ca. 47
1 week (7 days) 455
(ca. 65/day)
ca. 225/32 ca. 182/26 ca. 300/43
2 weeks (14 days) 840
(ca. 60/day)
ca. 420/30 ca. 336/24 ca. 560/40
4 weeks (28 days) 1400
(ca. 50/day)
ca. 700/25 ca. 560/20 ca. 933/33

* The renting price is always the bold printed fee in Tunisian Dinars (TND), the estimate prices in Euro,
British Pound and US dollar are only given for your information and depend on the actual exchange rate.

(Exchange Rates used: 1 Euro = 2 TND, 1 British Pound = 2.5 TND, 1 US Dollar = 1.5 TND).
Please note:
*** We are NOT a car rental company, but we BROKER car rental offers by negotiating the best price/quality/reliability combination for a given date and place of rent with multiple companies. The above prices are the prices that we can match in 90% of all cases and are only valid for this internet pre-booking offer!
Conditions for renting:

Minimum Age for the driver is: 21 Jahre, he must have his national car driver license (no need for an "international driver license") for at least 2 years! The national driving license must be presented at the time of renting the car and in each police control! Please note that only the persons who are listed by name in the rental contract are allowed to drive - you will be stopped by the police and they will check it!

The car will be delivered to and picked up at the airport/hotel/apartment
, as agreed upon.

Security Payment (caution) at rental start: 700 Tunisian Dinars oder 350 Euro (300 UKP, 500 USD) either in cash or by credit card authorisation, some companies demand 1000 Dinars. When picking up the car "on the road", cash payment may be required, since portable card terminals are rare in Tunisia. The money will be returned at the end of the renting period when the car is returned without damage, else the damage/loss costs will be deducted appropriately.

Payment of the renting fee is possible in advance or at the end of the renting period. If renting for a longer period (weeks, months), down payments might be required as you go.

The car is insured against all damages taken and caused (full insurance) beyond 700 Dinars - so you will have to cover all damages up 700/1000 Dinars yourself.

If the car renders not fit for driving (accident, repairs, etc.), it will be, if possible at all, replaced by the rental company by a similar model.

During the time of rental, you can contact our representative by telephone or short messaging for any additional assistance regarding the rental car and urgent matters in general - so there will always be an english/french/german speaking person available.

It might be possible to pick up the car in one location and give it back in another location. Sometimes this will not incur any fee, sometimes it will, when a driver has to come to get the car.
For a reservation or inquiry, please send us the following information by email:

1) Renting dates: from-to, location of picking up and delivering the car, time of pick-up.

2) You full name, date of birth and your vacation address (eg. hotelname), and, if possible the mobile phone (cell phone) number under which you can be reached before and during the time of renting the car.

3) National Driving license information, specifically Place, date and authority of issueing.

4) You preferred method of payment on location (Cash, Credit Card)

5) You eail address and home telephone number where we can call you, if needed..

Please send the email to:        service2014 <at> tunispro.net

Your email will be answered within 2 working days - if you don't get a reply within this period of time,
then we most probably did not get your email, please submit the information again.
Conditions for the Reservation:
Please note: This service is offered only to citizens of a country of the European Union (plus Switzerland) or the United States of America or Canada!

1) After your email, we will broker an offer for you and send it to you by email. If you agree with this offer, you will receive from us a confirmation of your the reservation by email. Please check whether all information is correct and send us corrections if needed!

2) After this, we expect you to pay a "security fee" worth of one (1) day rental to one of our accounts in the EU or US (PayPal accepted as well). This payment will be prorated to your rental fee and will ensure that your car stays reserved for one day, even when you will arrive later than expected (flight delay, cancellation etc.). It also, of course, shall save us from "fun/bogus reservations". As soon as we have received your payment, your reservation will be active.

A cancellation of the reservation is possible until 1 week before the rental would start. Just send us an email and we will cancel your reservation and transfer the "security fee" back to you. If you cancel the reservation at a later date, though, then we will have to keep your security payment, if we were unable to find another client for renting the reserved car (you can, though, easily transfer the reservation to another person, just send us a note).

If you have any questions left, please send us an email and we will be glad to answer them!

A final note about us:
Our philosophy is to make services available on a fair base for all participants - so we take neither exclusively the side of the rental company, nor the side of the client, but always consider the best interests of both parties.
In this regard - you WILL find better prices, if you search or negotiate hard enough on location, but you most probably won't find a better over-all value, service and customer approach! So far, there has not been a single serious complaint, not from any client, and not from any rental car company - and this proves that our philosophy is working well!