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Car Rental Reservation in Tunisia

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The prices are valid for April  2014 - March 2015:
During the high season months July-September and the fasting period Ramadan,
as well as during holidays in Tunisia, the prices will be up to 50-100% higher!

Price examples for Trips by rental cars with a Chauffeur:

Trips departing in Sousse / Kantaoui
(for other regions please ask)
Price in TND in EUR in UKP in USD
- Karthago - SidiBouSaid
(this trip with a travel agency would be per person at ca. 100 TND)
200 ca. 100 ca. 80 ca. 133
- ElJem - Mahdia/Monastir
(this trip with a travel agency would be per person at ca. 85 TND)
140 ca. 70 ca. 56 ca. 93
with Zoo Friguia
150 ca. 75 ca. 60 ca. 100
Cap Bon
with Hot Springs of Korbous
(this trip with a travel agency would be per person at ca. 80 TND)
150 ca. 75 ca. 60 ca. 100
One Day Rent
pick your own destinations
plus Petrol*
ca. 60
plus Petrol*
ca. 48
plus Petrol*
ca. 80
plus Petrol*

Trips with a Minibus (up to 8 persons): please ask for a quote!
Multi-Day Trips (eg. Sahara desert trip): please ask for a quote!

The renting price is always the bold printed fee in Tunisian Dinars (TND),
the estimate prices in Euro, British Pound and US dollar are only given for your information and depend on the actual exchange rate.

(Exchange Rates used: 1 Euro = 2 TND, 1 British Pound = 2,5 TND, 1 US Dollar = 1,5 TND).

* 1 Liter of petrol is currently at ca. 1,570 TND (0.79 Euro/0.63 UKP/1.05 USD).
A small car (Renault Clio Classic) consumes ca. 6-8 Liter/100km, which is then ca. 12.50 TND/100km (6.25 Euro, 5 UKP, 8.33 USD per 65 miles).
General Conditions:
  • You decide the exact route and the stay at each stop (unless the driver decides that it is too dangerous to go a specific route or to a specific target).
  • The rental company supplies a car with a chauffeur, but with no additional features or offers. You need, in particular, to plan your trip entirely yourself. Potential entry fees are not included.
  • You decide on when you want to leave and come back, but your tour should start and end within the daylight period and not exceed ca. 10 hours, eg. from 08-18/8am-6pm).
  • The chauffeur usually speaks arabic and french language, sometimes also limited english or german. An english or german speaking guide can sometimes be rented for an additional fee.
  • The companies are usually not insured against passenger damage since this is a "private trip" - and neither are most cars drivers in general in Tunisia. Therefore, you might want to consider getting an appropriate insurance before your holiday in your home country.
Please send your booking inquiry to:

service2014 <at> tunispro.net