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State owned radio stations

Radio Tunis
official Radio Station of Tunisia, in Tunis, has the following regional sub-stations

Radio Gafsa, Radio Le Kef, Radio Monastir, Radio Sfax, Radio Tataouine

Every day, the "RTCI-Radio Tunis Cha??ne Internationale" broadcasts on FM 98,2 MHz a foreign language windows with short national and international news. There are currently broadcasts in english, french, italian and geman.

Privately owned radio stations

private Station (since 09.2007),
was owned by the son-in-law of the tunisian president, with islamic programs in Tunis
> Radio Zitouna Live in the Internet <
(mms-Livestream for WMP)

FM Frequencies of ZitounaFM:
various frequencies all over Tunisia, eg.
97,6 - Sousse
98,3 - Gafsa
100,7 - Medenine
102,9 - Tunis

Radio Kalima

> Radio Kalima Live in the Internet <
(mms-Livestream for WMP)

Frequency of Radio Kalima:
The program of Radio Kalima is broadcasted via the radio frequency 11.541 vertical (GlobalMIR) of the HOTBIRD satellite.

Radio Bizerte
Webradio in Bizerte
only Webradio, no broadcast license

> Radio Bizerte Live in the Internet <
(mms-Livestream for WMP)
Radio Al Jawhara FM
private Station (since 07.2005)
in Sousse-Khezama
> Radio JawaharaFM in the Internet <
(mms-Livestream for WMP)

FM Frequencies of JawharaFM:
89,4 - Mahdia, Monastir, Sfax
102,5 - Sousse, Hammamet
104,4 - Gafsa, Kairouan, Kasserine, Sidi Bouzid
107,3 - Sousse

Radio Mosaique FM
private Station (since 11.2003)
in Tunis
> Radio Mosaique Live in the Internet <
(mms-Livestream for WMP)

FM Frequencies of MosaiqueFM:
88,9 - Hammamet
90,3 - Tunis
92,9 - Cap Bon
94,9 - Tunis

Radio Shems FM
private Station (since 09.2010)
was co-owned by the daughter of the tunisian president

> Radio Shems Live in the Internet <
(mms-Livestream for WMP)

FM Frequencies of ShemsFM:

101.7 - Tunis
106.5 - Cap Bon
95.7 - Bizerte
93.7 - Sousse
90.6 - Monastir
96.2 - Sfax

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