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Ferries to and from Tunisia

All ferries to and from Tunisia are, with but one exception, combined person/car ferries. They all origin in one of the following european harbours:

France: Marseille
Italy: from North to South: Genova, Livorno, Civitavecchia (near Rome), Salerno (near Naples), Palermo and Trapani.
In addition, there is one line from and to the island of Malta, but it is always just a stopover on the way from/to Genova/Tunis.

The only person ferry runs the line Mazara del Vallo (Southwest Sicily)-Island Pantelleria-Sousse. It is a speed boat, and it takes only 5 hours for the whole route (incl. 30 Minutes stopover on the island of Pantelleria); the price for a one-way route is ca. 90 Euro/Person. The ferry leaves in Italy  on mondays, wednesdays and fridays at 09:00 and in Tunesia on the following days at the same time.

This list is complete, there are no other ferries to or from Tunisia at all!

Ferry prices are depending on various factors (type of accomodation, size of the car, date of travel and return, etc.). As an example, we assume that 1 person will travel with an average car (length 4-5m) off season (October-May). This person will sleep in a sleeping-chair or on deck:

Marseilles-Tunis-Marseilles: ca. 700,00 €
Genova-Tunis-Genova: ca. 560,00-600,00€
Civitavecchia-Tunis-Civitavecchia: ca. 390,00-460,00€ (this route has always a stopover in Palermo and includes therefore the price for Palermo-Tunis-Palermo)
Salerno-Tunis-Salerno: ca. 310,00€
Palermo-Tunis-Palermo: ca. 180,00-215,00€

The fee for a person is, roughly estimated, one third of this price, so add 1/3 for each additional person travelling. The fees are significantly higher in the season months (June-September) and can amount up to the double of the above listed prices.

In the summer months, there are these additional lines as well: Livorno-Tunis-Livorno, Trapani-Sousse-Trapani (1 per week) and Naples-Tunis-Naples.

Ferries from and to Tunisia

The ferry companies are:

SNCM, Societe Nationale Maritime Corse Mediterranee, France
CTNCompagnie Tunisienne de Navigation, Tunisia
GNV, Grand Navi Veloci, Italy
Grimaldi, Grimaldi Lines, Italy
Medmar, Medmar Gruppo, Italy (only in the summer months of June-September)
Ustica, Ustica Lines, Italy (person ferry, car ferry Trapani-Sousse und Trapani-Tunis)

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