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The TUNISIE TELECOM / TUNTEL prepaid tariffs
Card / tariff name
(old cards)
(new cards)
(new cards)
(new cards)
(new cards)
all prices in Millimes, 100 Millimes = ca. 5 Pence UK -  7 Cent US - 9 Cent CDN - 5.5 Cent EUR
Charging time slice 60 Seconds
Fee per minute, Mo-Sa 07:00-20:00,
to TunisieTelecom
180 220 180
Fee per minute, Mo-Sa 07:00-20:00,
to Tunisiana or to landlines
225 220
180 Landlines
225 Tunisiana
Fee per minute, 20:00-07:00
and Sunday to TunisieTelecom
140 220 180
Fee per minute, 20:00-07:00
and Sunday to Tunisiana or to landlines
175 220 180 Landlines
225 Tunisiana
Fee per minute, call to Europe 500
SMS national
(to tunisian numbers)
50 per SM
MMS national
(to tunisian numbers)
90 per MM
SMS international 150 per SM
MMS international 600 per MM
Internet Mobil,
per kB
possible recharges,
plus 60 Millimes per 1 Dinar recharge
3000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 30000 oder 50000
Activation one time fee 5.000

Customers who still hold an old "Carte Classique" and who telephone for more than 45 Minuten per day,
mainly between 20:00-07:00,
might want to consider to keep this tariff.


1) AHLA: This is the default tariff that is switched on automatically.
This tariff has no advantages whatsoever (except for Tunisie Telecom) and should be switched into another tariff right away.
The change into this tariff can be obtained by the command *130*1# and costs 1000 Millimes.
2) TAWWA: For the consumption of each 5000 Millimes, the holder receives a bonus of 5 Minutes of free calls (which is
900 Millimes or 22% worth), which can (only) be used for calls into the mobile oder landline network of TunisieTelecom.

The change into this tariff can be obtained by the command *130*2# and costs 1000 Millimes.

3) OLA: At the end of each month, a bonus will be awarded for the accumulated recharges of the month:
5000-9999 Millimes: Bonus 1000 Millimes
10000-19999 Millimes: Bonus 2000 Millimes
20000-29999 Millimes: Bonus 3000 Millimes
30000-49999 Millimes: Bonus 5000 Millimes
50000-79999 Millimes: Bonus 15000 Millimes
80000-119999 Millimes: Bonus 30000 Millimes
120000 und mehr Millimes: Bonus 60000 Millimes
This Bonus can then be used for all calls within the next 30 days..
If you telephone or write messages for more than 50,000 Millimes per month, you should consider this tariff,
and also, if you just telephone (no messages) for more than 5,000 Millimes per month.

The change into this tariff can be obtained by the command *130*3# and costs 1000 Millimes.

4) MESSENGER: For the consumption of each 1000 Millimes, the holder receives 5 free national SM and 2 free national MM
 (which adds up to 430 Millimes = 250 + 180).
In addition, the service "Kellemni" can be used up to 20 times per day.
This tariff makes sense, if someone is sending a lot of SM and MM.
The change into this tariff can be obtained by the command *130*4# and costs 1000 Millimes.

Aditionally, there is the tariff "ELISSA", which is limited to persons below 25 years of age!

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The information on this page is actual as of: 2010-01 and is NOT an official tariff information of the company Tunisie Telecom!
The actual offers and conditions can only be observed on the TunisieTelecom - Website!

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