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Tourist regions in Tunisia

The major tourist regions in Tunisia are located on the east coast and can be broken down into 3 groups:

1) Island of Djerba with Zarzis
- served by Airport Djerba

2) Region Hammamet/Nabeul
- served by Airport Tunis
- served by Airport Monastir
- served by Airport Enfidha

3) Region Sousse/Monastir/Mahdia
- served by Airport Monastir
- served by Airport Enfidha

There are 3 more tourist regions which play only a minor role in regard of their volume contribution:

Two of them are located on the northern coast of Tunisia, west of Tunis: Bizerte and Tabarka. They are mostly served by the airport of Tunis, but sometimes by the smaller airport in Tabarka.
The third region is north of the capital Tunis: Gammarth.

In addition, there are 3 major tourist excursion regions, which are usually served by organized bus excursions for tours of 1-4 days:

Two are located in the south in the border region of the Sahara, one is the region Matmata/Douz in the east and the other one is the region Tozeur in the west of Tunisia.
Tunisia is trying here to develop a new tourist region recently - aimed at desert tourists and desert golf players. This region will be served by the small airpot of Tozeur.
The third is the capital city Tunis itself with the region of Carthage (the ancient Carthago).

Hotels in Tunisia

The hotels in Tunisia offer a wide range of quality from No Star to 5 Star hotels. The classification of the hotels is by national standards - on a world standard, you'd have mostly to subtract 1-1.5 stars from the national classification.
However, the classification itself will not necessarily give an indication of "quality", since quality can range from good to bad even within a short time period and for the same hotel and can as well depend on the time of the year (season).

The hotel landscape in Tunisia is dominated by a few companies of tunisian origin and/or joint ventures of tunisian and mostly european hotel companies.

Most of the hotels in Tunisia are booked via travel agencies. Individual reservation, or generally said, Tunisia as a destination for individual travels, is, to say the least, quite underdeveloped.

Having been marketed for many years as a "cheap"  travel destination, most hotels in Tunisia depend nowadays on the travel agencies contingents and the service level (not only towards individual travellers) is low, which led in the recent years to a decline of western "class" tourists. The gap was filled with tourists from mostly Eastern European countries, which are often, but not always, put in the lower classified hotels.

Tourism from Tunisia itself and the neighbouring north-african countries, Libya (less since the civil war) and Algeria, plays a role, but do not affect the hotels in general, since these tourists tend to stay in holiday apartments in and around the tourist regions or concentrate on hotels that are not preferred by the western travel agencies.

However, since 2013, tourism, also hotel-tourism, from the neighbouring country of Algeria has grown significantly, but mostly in the off-season months.

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