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Love and Relationships in Tunisia

The topics of love and relationship with tunisian citizens is a very vast topic, and is, according to numerous discussions in relevant forums, an increasingly popular one.
In fact, the number of cases mount up to several tens of thousands each year!

Most of them end just with broken dreams, hurt feelings or some minor financial losses, quite a few with significant emotional scars, violence, massive threats or losses of life existances, and some even with child abduction, bankruptcy and attempted manslaughter.

Non withstanding, some relationships end up in a happy marriage as well - it is just that their number, in the long run, is rather very small. Sadly, in almost all cases, one is confronted instead with dating and marriage fraud and as well with immigration fraud.

Please visit this website for information about love and relationships in Tunisia and with Tunisians:

Tunisia-Love Website

Have a look at this general (not specifically about Tunisia) website about the topic of "Bezness":

Bezness - Love Scam and fraud

and visit the

Forum against Bezness

For further specific information, particularly matters dealing with cases of personal nature, help and discussions, please visit one of the below mentioned discussion forums!

English language forum

Tunisian Love Rats
- Love relationships with Tunisians, "Black List"

French language forums

Mariages Gris (Belgium and France)
- Love relationships with Tunisians, "Black List"

Regroupement Familial (Belgium)
- Love relationships with Tunisians and other countries

German language forums

1001 Geschichte
- Forum of the “Club for fight against Bezness”, deals with various countries, not only Tunisia, “Black List

Russian language forums

Love relationships with Tunisians, Turkish, and Egyptians,
Black List”, english and german language sections

Czech language forum

- Love relationships with Tunisians, "Black List"

Polish language forum

Tunezja-Faceci z Wakacji
- Love relationships with Tunisians, "Black List"

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