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Immigration in Tunisia - Work, Job, Residence permit & Citizenship

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Immigration in Tunisia

Tunisia is generally not interested in foreign employees.

A non-Tunisian can only obtain a job in Tunisia, if there is no Tunisian, who is either qualified for this job or could be trained for the job - which, under normal conditions, means: no chance for foreigners.

Tunisia is, however, interested very much in foreign currency being brought into the country - and so it makes the permission for residency dependent on the foreigner bringing along sufficient money for his life in Tunesien and/or receives money regularly each month from the foreign country (eg. a pension in retirement).

So, obtaining the residency in Tunisia is very easy - there are only 2 basic conditions to be  fulfilled:
These conditions are (local conditions may sometimes be somewhat different):
  • the person receives regularly money from abroad, per year it should be about 6,000 EUR/UKP (8000 USD) per person, thus around 500 EUR/UKP (650 USD) per month. This "income" has to be proven eg. by a letter of a bank in Tunisia.
  • the person has an own house or lives in rented apartment (there must be an official contract/deed to prove it)
Carte Sejour in Tunisia

If and as long as the conditions for residence are fulfilled, a person receives each year a new residence permit (???Carte Sejour???) for one year, later, this permit can span multiple years as well.

The simplest form of the immigration in Tunisia is, therefore, a person living there eg. as a retired/pensioner and getting his pension transferred to his bank account in Tunisia each month.

Jobs in Tunisia

Tunisia is generally not interested in foreign workers.

A tunisian job can only be obtained by non-tunisians (except nationals from Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco) when there is no Tunisian available who is either qualified or could be trained for this job.

And this means usally: No job for non-tunisians, even if they have lived for a long time in Tunisia or have a residence permit.
Company in Tunisia

A further possibility is the opening of an own enterprise. This is rewarded by the Tunisian state by exemption from taxes for some years - however, there are only certain fields of business, which are promoted and these are, briefly said, either export-oriented production enterprises or enterprises, who work completely extraterritorial (holding companies, etc.).

Enterprises for service achievements and production of goods, which are to be predominantly offered in Tunesien, are not impossible to start, but their establishment is connected with numerous restrictions and bureaucratic hurdles, so that one should seek professional assistance by an attorney before considering it.

Quite in-depth information can be found on the website of Tunisian Industry.

Tunisian citizenship

Every child of a tunisian father or mother (since 2010) is automatically a tunisian citizen, even when it never entered tunisian soil.

There is a simplified naturalization procedure possible for wives of Tunisian citizens, although by this, one does not obtain the full citizenship rights (mainly restrictions to obtain public administration positions).

For husbands of Tunisian female citizens, the possibilities of a simplified naturalization exist likewise, but are a little bit more difficult.

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