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There are three TV stations in Tunisia, two privately owned and one owned by the state. They broadcast a combined five channels:

State-owned TV stations

- Nationale 1 / TTN1 / Al Wataniya 1
(formerly TV7, Tunis 7)
- Nationale 2 / / TTN2 / Al Wataniya 2 (formerly TV21, Tunis 21)

official TV station of Tunisia, in Tunis

Wataniya 1 satellite frequencies:

HotBird 13B: 12149 Vertical
NileSat 101: 10796 Vertical

Wataniya 2 satellite frequencies:

NileSat 101: 10776 Horizontal
BADR 6: 11727 Horizontal

(mms-Livestream for WMP)

(mms-Livestream for WMP)
Private TV stations

Hannibal TV
- Hannibal TV (HTV)
- Hannibal Orient

private (since 2005-02) in Tunis,

Hannibal TV programm

HANNIBAL HTV satellite frequencies:

NileSat 102: 12054 Vertical
ArabSat 3A: 11747 Vertical

(mms-Livestream for WMP)

Nessma TV
- Nessma TV (NTV)

private (since 2007-03) in Tunis,
part of the tunisian media company Karoui & Karoui, which runs various interactive and SMS channels
in the Mahgreb countries

Nessma TV programm

NESSMA TV Frequencies:

NileSat 102: 12206 vertical
HotBird 13A: 11623 vertical

> no Internet Livestream <
Cable and Satellite TV

In Tunisia, there are mostly stations watched that are broadcasted via the NILESAT satellite.

Although the TV stations in Tunisia are almost exclusively of arabic origin, a few of them show around the clock american shows and series in english language with arabic subtitles.

HOTBIRD can be received in Tunisia without any problems, but plays no significant role (mainly Italian and eastern European channels and Pay Per View).

The ASTRA satellites can be received in Tunisia in good quality with dishes of 120cm diameter from the north down to the Sfax region in the south.
Even more to the south (eg. Djerba, Zarzis, Sahara), there are bigger diameters needed and/or the receiving quality is poor.

With the latest ASTRA satellites, receiving conditions are improving, though.
For the Astra 1M digital satellite (since early 2009), for example, there is a 60cm dish diameter sufficient in the whole of Tunisia.

So-called "cable" networks and cable providers, generally Cable TV, are widely unknown in Tunisia, except for hotels, in which usually a very limited selection of non-arabic channels (5-10) can be found that are distributed via the internal hotel cable system.

DVB-T in Tunisia

DVB-T for terrestric television has replaced the old analogue signals in most regions of Tunisia. In this regard, it is now also possible to watch mobile TV on a portable device in the same way as in many European countries who have adopted DVB-T as well.

Other Stations

Amongst the most watched programs in Tunisia are the ones of the non-tunisian company MBC (eg. via NILESAT - satellite):

Other spellings: Hanabal, Hannabal, Hannaball, Hanaball, Hannabaal, Nesma, Haniball, Hanniball, Nesma, Tounes, Tunes

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