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The National Military Service in Tunisia

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The "National/Military Service" in Tunisia is a duty and affects every citizen over 20 years of age (women on a voluntary basis).

The service aims to safeguard the sovereignty and independence of the country and shall also ensure the active work for peace.

Since many tunisian men do not apply for drafting or ignore draft notices, every year in spring, "raids" of the police and military take place in the streets of Tunisia.
Persons, who are caught, will be brought immediately into barracks, where they have to stay for 21 days for the initial part of their military service duty and will be allowed to have only limited contact to the outside world.

After this period, the "normal" service starts, similar to the service in western countries, including holidays and free weekends.

It is then also possible to "buy oneself out" of the service, pay a certain sum in money, each month for 11 months, to prevent from the service. Asking a non-tunisian friend to pay money to prevent from the national service is one of the typical demands of Bezness!
During the time of the service (even when a "buy out" takes place), persons will not be allowed to receive a passport or to leave the country!

Often, soldiers are put into environment projects (desert/forest protection work).

The description and actual rules for the National Service, including the terms for exemptions, are listed on this english language page (quite detailed) of the Tunisian Defense Ministry.

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